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Prosperity Accounting JONAS LAGREW, MBT, CPA

Tax Services

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Tax Preparation in WNC at Prosperity Accounting 

At Prosperity Accounting team is dedicated to helping clients boost their income and reduce their taxes by taking advantage of all applicable deductions by using a unique system and interactive applications that team members and clients use all through the tax preparation process. When utilizing the expertise of experienced CPAs, bookkeepers and workflow administration, the "pain" of having your tax return prepared dissappears.

Our Approach to Tax Preparation

Prosperity Accounting's bi-line is Earn With Your Attitude. We make this our intention every day. A positive attitude delivers personal satisfaction and great client communication and service. By integrating advanced cloud based applications such as our secure client portal and document management system, clients are able to upload and access documents and tax returns throughout the preparation process and all year long. Client returns are prepared and reviewed by four team members.

Tax services

Our tax services include Individual, LLCs and Partnerships, S and C Corporations, Trusts, Non-profit Organizations and Tax Planning.

Your return is prepared by an assigned CPA who carefully prepares and reviews it for correctness, looking for inconsistencies and other disparities while thinking creatively about additional deductions that may reduce your taxes further. A second CPA then completely reviews the return before signaling Jonas LaGrew, CPA, MBT for the final comprehensive review.

Jonas LaGrew, CPA, MBT extensively reviews your return and evaluates it for any potential areas of liability that can be eliminated. Jonas then calls you and explains the entire return including a comparison with the prior year. The upcoming year is also discussed, to determine if estimated taxes are necessary which may be automatically withdrawn (if you choose) from your checking account. Tax Planning services are also available. Through this very personal approach, Jonas and his team are able to help you optimize ongoing tax strategies.

Our administrative manager overseas the entire flow of information and documents from beginning to end as is always available for your document questions.

Strategic Tax Services for Weaverville/Barnardsville Businesses

For many small business owners and independent contractors, efficient tax preparation requires strategic tax planning well in advance of tax season. At Prosperity Accounting, we utilize QuickBooks as a means of helping owners stay organized throughout the year. All business clients have a tax plan prepared near year end including a meeting to discuss your tax strategy before December 31 to ensure the right tax decisions are made in advance. Up to date information allows us to make good tax decisions, which is where QuickBooks comes into the picture and is so important to your prosperity.

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